Dental Hygiene & Periodontal Health 


Taking care of your oral health is more than simply brushing and flossing. Your gums play a vital role in your overall care and, when not cared for properly, can develop gingivitis and periodontitis. Luckily, both are easy to avoid!

What is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal, or gum, disease occurs when plaque and bacteria build up. This can deteriorate the integrity of your gums, causing pain and sensitivity. While an attentive oral health care routine can avoid the progression, there are several treatment options available.

What is Scaling and Root Planing?

When plaque and tartar build below the gum line, we need to remove it. Using a procedure called scaling and root planing, we are able to reach this area, removing decay and smoothing the area for seamless healing.

 What is an Oral Cancer Screening?

What you don’t see at home, our experienced dentist is able to catch. Oral cancer starts in the mouth, tongue, or throat and can manifest as spots or lumps of irregular tissue in this general area. Our dentist will look for the signs and symptoms of oral cancer during a routine oral exam.

Are You Concerned About Your Dental Hygiene and Periodontal Health?

There is no wrong time to come see our dentist. If you’re concerned about your dental hygiene and periodontal health, we are here to offer preventative measures and effective treatments. So, contact us today to schedule an appointment